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VAK Learning Styles Questionnaire

Score: Visual 13, Auditory 1, Kinaesthetic 16

I don’t have much faith in these rather oversimplistic tests – they create subjective responses which reflect your own self-perceptions.



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Just started to look at Mini-Project 2 (Supporting Learners’ Digital Literacies) & scoured their Resources for inspiration, or at the very least a starting point.  Ironically, I got distracted straightaway with the University of Exeter quiz: What kind of digital learner are you?

Surprisingly, it didn’t tell me much that I don’t already know – I like techie stuff, I am happy to use it for specific purposes but will not be governed by it, nor will I ever consider using it in the classroom UNLESS it is the best means of delivery.  I’m very proud of my high score for Digital Sceptic – am hoping this will serve me well on this course …:-)

What Type of Digital Learner Are You? quiz

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