Powerpoint vs. Videoscribe?!

PowerPoint-Animation-fix-these-things open-your-mind

Powerpoint animation

On my eternal mission for freebies and with a rock-solid determination to never pay for any techie toys, I’ve just found this article – about the animation potential of Powerpoint, which I think is worth a try.  The (much lusted after) Videoscribe website continually stresses that there is absolutely no need to draw anything, which I think must be its strongest selling point because most people are either incapable or terribly ashamed of their drawing abilities.  However, I can draw and quite fancy doing further battle with Powerpoint in the hopes of producing something broadly comparable to a poor person’s Videoscribe.  I suspect I could be heading for disappointment; Powerpoint certainly has the potential and capability for this, but it can be a shockingly slow and painful process at times.

2 thoughts on “Powerpoint vs. Videoscribe?!

  1. Not really, I’m just an information junkie; I’ve got so much info about various online tools scattered all over the place, so the idea for a Techie Toybox was to create a dumping space to store it all together.


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