still chuntering…

More mysteries to which I may never find answers…


is now displayed as a horizontal type list – the beautiful cloud format seems to have disappeared & I can’t figure out how to get it back again.  At present, there is no point in having the ‘cloud’ because it has nothing to distinguish it from the list format of the plain categories widget.  Not exactly sure how it works – is it the number of posts or the volume of words which prompts the cloud to change?  Or has it just suffered an untimely death on me?


I’ve uploaded various types – photos, screen-clipped Powerpoint jpegs, bog-standard jpegs – & most look fine & can be clicked on to see an enlarged version.  Photos are the exception, which pop up huge, so I need to find a way of formatting them so they are the correct size & decent quality, not the vast & blurry offerings they are at present.


Need to input a label to replace URLs, & keep it short – they sprawl not only across the main body of the page, but also on top of the sidebar script if too long, & consequently are illegible.


I haven’t found a ‘search’ facility yet so I can trawl by author for co-workers’ WordPress blogs & link up, nor can I find a way of searching by topics of interest.

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