TASK 2: Post a picture and / or video

Two recently uploaded youtube clips from the Active Change Foundation, who are currently promoting the #not in my name campaign, which voices the rejection of IS values and actions by British Muslims (uploaded Sept. 2014).

I encourage a learning environment of open discussion and the freedom of personal expression on a range topical issues which we negotiate as being relevant to the cohort.  I first learned of the Active Change Foundation last week, and despite this being a topic of enormous concern at the present time, I have been reluctant to incorporate such politically volatile content into lessons.  However, as from today, the UK will be engaged in airstrikes on IS, the consequences of which are far-reaching for everyone, so I am anticipating requests for open discussion on this topic.

From a learning perspective, I think these video clips are succinct, powerful, impact strongly on the viewer, and also demonstrate the potential of sharing material online and targetting far-reaching and ‘unknown’ audiences.

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